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About Us

A collective of multi-talented musicians and curators of the clandestine Espionage gigs, they are responsible for tours of ground-breaking local and international talent and most recently, a record label responsible for promoting Australian artists to a global audience.

The Operatives and it’s Agents are a unstoppable and talented force of DJs, producers, singers and songwriters, radio hosts, audio engineers, photographers, videographers, writers and artists who are responsible for Melbourne’s most exciting creative output. From their own musical accomplishments to curating independent labels, compilation series and community radio shows. The Agents have one target: pushing the boundaries of Australia’s music scene, regardless of genre, be it hip-hop, electronic, drum ‘n bass or soul music.

Since it’s inception in 2010, Espionage has been more than just a ‘gig’ – it’s an event that feeds your senses. Selecting the most innovative musicians from across the globe to tour across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, Espionage aligns local and international musical talent with mind-bending visuals and unique venues. From their humble beginnings above a karaoke bar to selling out the city’s largest dance floors, the discerning and ever-growing followers of The Operatives ensure that Espionage never remains secret for long.

The Operatives are also focused on fostering the music and culture community in Australia.